Historic Places

Upper Dorchester Covered Bridge?
Upper Dorchester Covered Bridge

Building on the model of the highly successful Amazing Places project, the Fundy Biosphere Reserve is moving forward with a brand new project called Historic Places of the Fundy Biosphere Reserve.

The presence of many different groups, including First Nations peoples and both Acadian and English settlers, has given the region a rich history and diverse cultural heritage which lends itself perfectly to such a project. The FBR recognizes that conservation of the history and cultural heritage of communities within the FBR is equally as important as conservation of the natural world. The central objective of the Historic Places project will be to link significant historic events and stories with the places where they took place and make these fascinating narratives accessible to the public.

Acadian Wave break
Acadian wavebreak near the Cumberland Basin

How the Project Got Started

To start the project, the our staff put together a list of historically significant places within the FBR based on the input and recommendations of local museums, historic societies, heritage trusts, and other similar organizations. After careful consideration, the list of recommendations was pared down to feature a manageable number of historic sites in the FBR with great historic and/or cultural value. Our staff conducted detailed research and important information about the location, historic and/or cultural significance was compiled. We are now looking at making these materials accessible into an interpretive resource that can be accessed via the web, smartphone-accessible QR codes, brochures, and other easily accessed sources.

The Historic Places project will be closely modeled after our already highly successful Amazing Places project. We will also be compiling information about each historic place in a manner similar to the New Brunswick Historic Places Register.

Shipyard Park Harvey
Shipyard Park in Harvey

Project Goals

Through the process of completing the Historic Places project, we hope to identify some sites that are historically significant but that visitors or residents often miss due to poor promotion. By doing so, we hope to enhance the present offerings of museums and heritage groups in the area.

Some examples of historic places we are profiling with the Historic Places project include covered bridges, railways, wharves or shipyards, abandoned mines and quarries, dykelands, logging mills and dams, churches, commercial buildings, and even the sites of demolished or collapse historic structures. These various sites and the history behind them shaped the culture of our region and its people into what they are today.

Next Steps

Although we have begun to work on the Historic Places project, more funding is necessary to be able to see it to completion.

We are also always accepting suggestions from the public of potential historic sites within the FBR. If you would like to make a suggestion regarding this project please feel free to contact us. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter and visit our website regularly for updates to come about the project.