Local Knowledge and Climate Change


Why do jokes about the Maritimes always involve changeable weather? What happens to important local weather knowledge as people age? The Fundy Biosphere Reserve knew that the climate of the region, and the people who worked outside all of their lives, had a story to tell.

For the past few years, the FBR has been leading important work on Climate Change, gathering and analyzing data on how the climate has evolved and how it will impact our region as it continues to change.

From thought-provoking videos on the realities of climate change in our regions and how citizens can play a role in shaping our future, to forests conservation research, our work aims to produce public education materials and important capacity-building resources for our communities, so that they are better equipped to plan for and face climate change.

Climate Change in Atlantic Canada Videos 
Across Atlantic Canada, coastlines and communities are being adversely affected by climate change, and as temperature, sea level and storm surge increase, adaptation initiatives are being planned and implemented to navigate the impending storm. Listen to their story.

The Whitney Journals Documentary Video 
All over the Fundy Biosphere, people can become “citizen scientists” by regularly recording nature observations, like the Sussex-based Whitney family did for nearly 40 years on their farm. The FBR analyzes this data in order to chronicling the effects of climate change on the local environment. Learn more.

Forests of the Future in the Fundy Biosphere Reserve 
By planning ahead for climate change and planting tree species that have a better chance to thrive, we can help ensure that our urban and rural forests remain healthy. Learn more about how the FBR is working to create climate change resilient forest corridors throughout the reserve and encouraging municipalities, towns and landowners to plant tree species that will be better suited to our changing climate.