UNESCO-Designated Fundy Biosphere Reserve Executive Director Named Canadian Delegate to UNESCO Meeting

Posted June 2, 2014

The UNESCO-designated Fundy Biosphere Reserve is pleased to announce that Executive Director Megan de Graaf will be one of three Canadian delegates to the 26th International Coordinating Council meeting of UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere Program, which will take place June 10-13 in Jönköping, Sweden.

In addition to leading the Fundy Biosphere Reserve’s successes over the last two and a half years, Ms. de Graaf has been increasingly active in the national and international Biosphere Reserve networks. Her invitation to participate in this important international conference is a good indication of how much the Fundy Biosphere Reserve’s initiatives, such as its Amazing Places project, Charter program, and research into the local effects of climate change, are regarded in high esteem and attracting national and international attention.

“I am looking forward to working with my two Canadian partners to cement strong relations with our colleagues worldwide,” says Megan de Graaf, Executive Director of the Fundy Biosphere Reserve. “I also hope to position Fundy as a Biosphere Reserve with dynamic projects and engaged communities, one that is a model for other Biosphere Reserves world-wide.”

Since being designated in 2007 as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, the Fundy Biosphere Reserve has been able to shine an international spotlight on the beauty of its natural landscapes and the importance of conservation in its region. Ms. de Graaf’s presence at the conference could help establish new partnerships to propel the FBR even further in the coming years.

The International Coordinating Council of UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere Programme meets yearly to make important decisions regarding the international standards and policies of the MAB programme, including deciding on new sites for UNESCO’s World Network of Biosphere Reserves.