Riverview High School Signs onto the Charter of the
UNESCO Fundy Biosphere Reserve

Posted April 30, 2012

Students and staff of Riverview High School were joined at this morning’s school assembly by staff of the UNESCO Fundy Biosphere Reserve to sign the Fundy Biosphere Reserve Charter. This event showed Riverview High’s public commitment to operating in a manner that is compatible with the Charter of the Fundy Biosphere Reserve, and to promoting the positive relationship between their school community and the region in which they live.

“We are delighted that Riverview High School has joined the roster of Charter Members,” says Megan de Graaf, Executive Director of the UNESCO Fundy Biosphere Reserve. “The Charter Membership program is meant to be a vehicle for displaying good business and community practices in the Fundy Biosphere Reserve, and Riverview High School is certainly a shining star in this program with its very active Environmental Science program.”

“Our school has dedicated itself to using the Fundy Biosphere Reserve as a living classroom, so that students can study and interact with the forests and watercourses around the school and community,” says Pamela Fowler, who teaches Environmental Science and Chemistry at Riverview High School. “Becoming a Charter Member allows us to prove ourselves as responsible stewards of our environment and to become ambassadors for community involvement in the Fundy Biosphere Reserve”.

“Riverview High School’s ongoing development of a protection proposal for the Mill Stream Reservoir, creation of a Fundy Biosphere Reserve water atlas, and advancing the preservation of a historic naval base were all compelling reasons for accepting the school into our Charter Membership program,” says Megan de Graaf.

Members who sign onto the Charter agree to abide by several statutes: that they will strive to protect the natural resources of the region, develop the economy in a sustainable way, support and preserve local heritage, minimize impacts on the environment, be a part of the community, and educate and raise awareness about the Fundy Biosphere Reserve. In return for their involvement in the program, Members are given use of the UNESCO Fundy Biosphere Reserve logo for marketing and promotional purposes and a vote at the Annual General Meeting. Various organizations are eligible to become Charter Members, including businesses, non-profit organizations, schools, First Nations, municipalities, as long as they are moving to improve their environmental footprint.

Riverview High School's Principal Jason Reath and Megan de Graaf, Executive Director of the UNESCO Fundy Biosphere Reserve, are shown here at centre with the Charter, surrounded by the School's 2012 Envirothon Team.