Can the Acadian Forest Survive Climate Change?

Posted August 5 2014

(Free Upcoming Outdoor Workshops in August 2014)

Through its Climate Change Resilient Forest Corridors Project, the Fundy Biosphere Reserve has identified climate change-resilient tree species and mapped out where those species are most likely to survive and thrive over the long term within the Reserve - an area of over 430,000 hectares of the Upper Bay of Fundy coast, stretching from St. Martins to the Tantramar Marsh, near Sackville, and inland to Moncton.

This summer, we have planted 2,500 climate resilient trees in order to create forest corridors between the Reserve's protected areas. These corridors will allow wildlife to pass through more easily and also ensure that the forests continue to thrive as the climate changes.

Below, you will find information on free upcoming outdoor workshops in August, where we will be presenting our research and connecting with the public, encouraging communities and local landowners to plant climate resilient tree species on their lands.

Workshop Poster FBR