UNESCO Fundy Biosphere Reserve is Making the Most of the World’s Attention

Posted November 22, 2012

The UNESCO Fundy Biosphere Reserve and Vision Alma are working together to make the most of the world’s attention on the Bay of Fundy, by having co-hosted a workshop for local businesses, tourism operators, interested individuals, and municipalities on November 21 in Hopewell Cape, NB.  The objective of the workshop was to network and collaborate together on projects and packages, ultimately making the most of the UNESCO designation for the benefit of local communities and visitors.

“We know that the world is looking at the Bay of Fundy as a unique natural feature, and a beautiful place to visit,” says Megan de Graaf, Executive Director of the Fundy Biosphere Reserve. “We have so many experiences to offer visitors, and we think it’s important that we all work together to make sure that the international, national, and local tourism markets know what incredible experiences can be had here.”

“The designation of the region in 2007 by UNESCO as the Fundy Biosphere Reserve is a terrific benefit to the tourism sector of this province,” de Graaf continues. “It distinguishes this region as ecologically and culturally unique in the world, which appeals to travellers who are looking for authentic and enriching experiences.”

The UNESCO Fundy Biosphere Reserve is an area of over 430,000 hectares of the Upper Bay of Fundy coast, stretching from St. Martins to the Tantramar Marsh, near Sackville, and inland to Moncton. It is a community-based initiative comprised of individuals and representatives of various stakeholder groups, organizations and local communities working to promote the sustainable development of the region by enhancing the research and innovation capacity and by creating a forum for various groups to share information, knowledge and best practices.

“Since designation, the UNESCO Fundy Biosphere Reserve has been helping tourism operators and businesses become more sustainable through our Charter Membership Program, and working with partners to promote their sustainable tourism practices. We think it’s now time to take the next step and collaborate on experiences and packages that show the world how special this region is.”, said Dr. Yves Gagnon, Chair of the Fundy Biosphere Reserve.

“In 2010 Vision Alma was created to reinvigorate the tourism industry in Alma”, explains Andrew Casey, Co-Chair of Vision Alma. “One of the key elements is to develop opportunities with partners to strengthen our collective tourism offer. We think that this workshop, which focused on networking with and within the Fundy Biosphere Reserve, allowed us all to brainstorm together about how we can make the most of the UNESCO designation.”