Fundy Biosphere Reserve Releases Climate Change Video

Posted April 19, 2013

The Fundy Biosphere Reserve has released a short documentary video exploring citizen-sourced data on climate change in southern New Brunswick. The documentary explores 35 years of weather journals recorded by the Whitneys in Kierstead Mountain, New Brunswick. Specifically, the documentary examines how some bio-indicators, such as spring peepers, robins, lilacs and trees, have been responding to climate change. These examples are illustrated and animated to offer an engaging perspective on locally-sourced citizen science. Watch the documentary to find out how climate change might be affecting the region of the Fundy Biosphere Reserve and why it is important for local people to monitor their local environment. For more information, please visit the webpage for the project.

Directed by Ben Phillips & Craig Norris

Animated by Blake Stilwell

Funded by the New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund

Special Thanks to Lee and Alice Whitney

Special Thanks to Dr. Ian Mauro, Mount Allison University

A VIDEOBAND Production