Fundy Biosphere Reserve Launches Series of Short Nature Documentaries

Posted April 25, 2014

This series of short nature documentaries features amazing hiking destinations in the Fundy Biosphere Reserve. Episode one launches Friday, May 2nd, 2014 and new installments will be released every Friday for 8 weeks. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive email notifications when new episodes are available.

Across the landscape of the Fundy Biosphere Reserve, over 350 kms of hiking trails have been etched onto the surface since the 1950s. Along those trails 50 Amazing Places highlight the very best nature has to offer in this extraordinary coastal region. Now you can preview these local gems before setting off to visit them by watching the Amazing Places documentary video series. A total of eight videos have been completed for the 2014 hiking season with more to be added.

People have been awe struck by the features of this land for centuries. The Amazing Places project was started to make sure they remain wild and natural forever. By providing a guide to these places, this project aims to inspire people to both appreciate and conserve, not just our most prized destinations, but the entire world around us. There is no better way to create a deep connection to the Earth, than to hike over its roots and rocks, breathe its fresh air, feel your heart beat and walk out into the untamed reality of an Amazing Place.

Visit to see the videos and follow the project.