Greater Moncton Area

The Cities of Moncton, Riverview and Dieppe are at the heart of the Fundy Biosphere Reserve and have many hiking trails for residence to enjoy.

Irishtown Nature Park


This park is unique in that it offers a wide variety of habitats to explore from Acadian forests to wetlands, aquatic/terrestrial environments and much more. This picturesque nature park consists of 2,200 acres of forest and 250 acres of water. Irishtown Nature Park features a wonderful setting for outdoor environmental experiences with many kilometers of forested trails. Several trail systems provide an opportunity for hands on personal experiences with nature.

The surfaced trails (4.7km) - Gerhardt (250m), Dragonfly (1400m), Bouctouche Line (1975m), Forêt Acadienne (600m), Caledonia (600m), Canoë (225m), Spillway (1100m) and Ogilvie Brook (550m) These trails are surfaced which makes it accessible for all to walk, groomed in the winter as well for walking. These multiuse trails are used by walkers, runners, wheel chairs, bikers and hikers.

The footpaths (5.8km) - Bunny Hop (250m), Scout (875m), John Howard (2325m), Anguille 1125m) and Hawk (650m) These trails are more natural trails made for the adventurer and some section runs along the lake and where it is wet, they have been chipped for easier access. These trails are used by hikers, walkers and snowshoers in the winter.

The Northern footpath (1.1km) - Malcom's Way (1075m) and Vince's Walk (650m) are nature trails that begins in a maturing hemlock forest and runs through various other forest stands that are typically found in the Acadian Forest. These trails are used for outdoor science-based education/interpretation as there is so much to explore on this trail. You can access the trails either at parking #5 or at the Tankville School museum.

For more information, visit the City of Moncton's website

Mapleton Park

Mapleton Park is the newest park in the city's system. It boasts 300 acres of nature nestled into Moncton's northwest corner. It offers something for nature lovers of all ages with interpretive panels throughout, ample bird watching, and portable washrooms.

There are nice viewing areas to watch the ducks swimming in the ponds or bird watch — a natural haven for all who love the outdoors. Featuring both accessible and more rustic nature trails, Mapleton Park is popular with walkers, runners and cyclists.

Wintertime attracts citizens to walking trails and ice skaters to the rink.

For more information, visit the City of Moncton's website.

Centennial Park

Situated in the centre of the city (811 St. George Boulevard), Centennial Park boasts 230 acres of scenic parkland, an artificial turf sports field, high quality tennis courts, and lawn bowling greens, offering fun and recreation all year long. The large, wheelchair-accessible playground, complete with SplashPark is a favourite for children.

Families can also swim and sunbathe at Centennial Beach, which features fine sand, change houses, a canteen, and lifeguards.

The TreeGo adventure allows you to swing high above the many trees in Centennial Park. Ample parking, washrooms, picnic areas, and a seasonal canteen are also available.

Winter fun includes the longest lit cross-country ski trail in eastern Canada, sledding hills, snowshoeing, a lit outdoor skating oval with warming hut, as well as the KaBoom! rink.

For more information, visit the City of Moncton's website

Riverfront Trail

Riverfront Park offers five kilometres of multi-use trails along the Petitcodiac River. Twinned tailings offer both paved paths, ideal for wheelchairs, bicycles, and inline skates, and a softer dirt surface for walkers and runners. The park offers visitors beautiful floral displays, benches, and monuments, as well as convenient links to the downtown. This trail comprises the Moncton section of the TransCanada Trail, and it connects the riverfront trail system in the neighbouring communities of Riverview and Dieppe. Other points of interest include Bore View Park, Settlers Green, the Skateboard Park, Hal Betts Commemorative Sportsplex, and the Treitz Haus. Portions of the trail are cleared for winter running.

Riverfront Park is one of the most relaxing areas in town, a great place to take a stroll alongside the Petitcodiac River as you watch the tides roll in and out to sea again!

For more information, visit the City of Moncton's website

Saint-Anselme Park

Dieppe's Rotary Saint-Anselme park provides fun experiences the whole family can enjoy. An excellent location for outdoor fun no matter the time of year - summer or winter. For more information, visit the City of Dieppe's website.


Big Salmon River

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Black Hole

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Bore Park and the Tidal Bore

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Cape Enrage

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Cape Maringouin

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Caribou Plain

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Cradle Brook

Cradle Brook Coordinates: Lat 45.456559°N, Long 65.317589°W Description: A small,…

Crooked Creek Look-Off

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Dickson Falls

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Dobson Trail

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Dragon's Tooth

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Eye of the Needle

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Fort Folly First Nation Medicinal Trail

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Fossilized Sand Dunes

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Fuller Falls

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Fundy Footpath

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Fundy National Park

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Fundy Trail

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Goose Creek

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Goose River

Goose River Coordinates: Lat 45.526415°N, Long 65.095697°W Description: A valley-flanked…

Green Snake Trail

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Hayward Pinnacle

Hayward Pinnacle Coordinates: Lat 45.817410°N, Long 64.917592°W Description: A rocky…

Irishtown Nature Park

Irishtown Nature Park Coordinates: Lat 46.141767°N, Long 64.772381°W Description: A 2200…

Johnson's Mills

Johnson's Mills Coordinates: Lat 45.836162°N, Long 64.514834°W Description and…

Laverty Falls

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Little Salmon River

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Long Beach

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Mapleton Acadian Forest Trail

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Martin Head

Martin Head Coordinates: Lat 45.490584°N, Long 65.195274°W (middle of the beach)…

Marven Lake

Marven Lake Coordinates: (eastern edge of the lake, just past campsite #3): Lat…

Mary's Point

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Memramcook Trails

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Million Dollar View

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Moosehorn Coordinates: Lat 45.657487°N, Long 65.014776°W Description: A steep trail leads…

Mud Monster - Riding the Tantramar Marshes

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New Horton Hawk Watch Site

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Pangburn and Melvin Beach and Cliffs

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Peck's Cove

Peck's Cove Coordinates: 45.749241°N, Long 64.488268°W Description: A large, picturesque…

Point Wolfe River Estuary

Point Wolfe River Estuary Coordinates: Lat. 45.546346°N, Long. 65.019552°W Description:…

Prosser Ridge Lookout

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Quaco Head

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Rapidy Brook

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Sackville Trails

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Sackville Waterfowl Park

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Sea Caves

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Seely Beach

Seely Beach Coordinates: Lat 45.443602°N, Long 65.344881°W Description: A relatively flat…

Shepody Marsh (Harvey to Riverside-Albert)

Shepody Marsh (Harvey to Riverside-Albert) Coordinates: Lat 45.751251°N, Long 64.702444°W…

Shepody NWA / Lars Larsen Marsh

Shepody NWA / Lars Larsen Marsh Coordinates: (viewing platform at the Lars Larsen Marsh):…

Slack's Cove

Slack's Cove Coordinates: Lat 45.725088°N, Long 64.528040°W Description: A small, deeply…

Squaw's Cap Look-off

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Telegraph Brook Beach

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The Forks

The Forks Coordinates: (Trail head): Lat 45.657487°N, Long 65.014776°W Description: An…

The Hopewell Rocks

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Third Vault Falls

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Tracey Lake

Tracey Lake Coordinates: (on the northern end of the lake near the campsite): Lat…

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Falls

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Upper Salmon River Estuary

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Waterside and Dennis Beaches

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Wolf Brook

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Wolfe River Gorge

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